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Map of Sessions and Contributions

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Plenary sessions

Monday, 11.9.2006, 8:30 - 10:00, Room: Glass

Risk regulation – anything new recently?

Plenary speaker

Title of the contribution (link to contribution)

Institution, Country

Prof. Milena Horvat New developments in Hg regulation - key uncertainties of risk approach Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
Dr. Juergen Wettig The role of industry and regulators in promoting process and product safety
Representation of the European Commission in Slovenia

Tuesday, 12.9.2006, 8:30 - 10:00, Room: Glass

Industrial risk – confidence building

Plenary speaker

Title of the contribution (link to contribution)

Institution, Country

Prof. Ulrich Hauptmanns Probabilistic Risk and Safety Analyses for Process Plants and their Areas of Application Otto-von-Guericke-Universität, Germany
Dr. Christopher Frey Probabililistic and Sesitivity Analysis of Risk Assessment Models (welcome notes)  


Contributors to "Industrial Hazards and Associated risks"

Session: 1/4, Monday, 11.9.2006, 11:00 - 13:00, Room: Glass, Chair: Roberto Bubbico

# Session Name Title of contribution (link to contribution) Institution, country
101 1/4 George A. Papadakis, Konstantinos Kokkinos and Pashalia Machaira Safety Management System Performance Based on Organizational Factors of “Seveso” sites Technical University of Crete, Greece
102 1/4 Marko Gerbec, Branko Kontiæ Implementation of the Seveso II directive in Slovenia: survey of status, approaches, benefits and opinions Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
103 1/4 Gort Johan (1), Ligthart Martijn (2) Comparative study on implementation of Major hazards policy in 10 new EU member states 1-TNO Work & Employment, 2-Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, The Netherlands
104 1/4 O. A. Rosyid, M. Marx and U. Hauptmanns Risk Analysis for the Infrastructure of a Hydrogen Economy (paper) Otto-von-Guericke-Universität, germany
105 1/4 Renato Rota, Simona Caragliano The RAI2 project: un integrated approach to manage chemical risk in industrial areas Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Session: 2/4, Monday, 11.9.2006, 14:30 - 16:30, Room: Glass, Chair: Marko Gerbec

107 2/4 Ernesto Salzano (1), Roberto Bubbico (2) Minimal criteria for Rapid Phase Transition explosion of cryogenic gases. 1-Istituto di Ricerche sulla Combustione – CNR, 2-University of Rome, Italy
108 2/4 Sonja Dost Risk management: "Features of corporate risks or the likelihood of identification" Research Centre Juelich, Germany
109 2/4 Lesnykh V.V., Timofeeva T.B. The problem of power interruption: loss assessment and insurance VNIIGAZ, EMERCOM, Moscow
110 2/4 R. Farret (1), J-C. Le Coze (1), C.Duval (2), A.Leger (2)    Epistemological perspective in the modelling process of an industrial system integrating technical and organisational dimensions 1-INERIS, French National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks, 2-EDF – Electricite de France, Research & Development

Session: 3/4, Tuesday, 12.9.2006, 10:45 - 13:00, Room: Glass, Chair: Gabriela Pfeifle

111 3/4 Ivan Boissières, Eric Marsden Organizational robustness in socio-technical systems Institute for an Industrial Safety Culture, Toulouse, France
112 3/4 S. Andersen, S.O. Johsen Can remote operations of process facilities in oil and gas become more resilient based on common experiences from other industries? NTNU and SINTEF, Norway
113 3/4 Roberto De Filippo, Luca Pezzullo Perceptions of the Industrial Risk and the Emergency Management Procedure in High-Risk Hazmat Logistics: a qualitative Mental Model Approach University of Padova, Italy
114 3/4 Victor Ogurtsov Risk modelling of agricultural catastrophic insurance decisions in expected utility framework Wageningen University, The Netherlands
115 3/4 Jerry Busby, Ruth Alcock  Generation of risk in supply chains Lancaster University, Department of Management Science, UK

Session: 4/4, Tuesday, 12.9.2006, 14:00 - 16:00, Room: Glass, Chair: Milena Horvat

116 4/4 Jerry Busby, Melissa Sedmak Risk redistribution in technology decision making Lancaster University, Department of Management Science, UK
117 4/4 F. Muñoz (1), L. Perrin (1), M. Sardin (1), J.P. Josien (2) The approach MADS/MOSAR to manage the triptych “technology/normative/management” 1-Laboratoire des Sciences du Génie Chimique/CNRS-ENSIC, Nancy, 2-GEODERIS, Metz, France
118 4/4 Hana GAVENDOVA, Rudolf URBAN, Frantisek BOZEK, Kateøina NOVAKOVA Technological Risk Assessment in the region University of Defence, Brno, Czech Republic
119 4/4 Dan Serbanescu, Christian Kirchsteiger (cancelled) Some aspects of integrating risk and security aspects for complex systems analyses  European Commission, DG JRC, Institute of Energy, The Netherlands


Contributors to "Risk Perception"

Session: 1/3, Monday, 11.9.2006, 11:00 - 13:00, Room: White 1, Chair: Paul Raschky

# Session Name Title of contribution Institution, country
201 1/3 Richard J. Eiser (cancelled) Uncertainty and human agency: Implications for risk assessment, communication, perception and trust University of Sheffield, UK
202 1/3 Monika Peterlin Perception of environmental data by different social groups in the EIA process Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia
203 1/3 Claudia Eitzinger (1), Peter Wiedemann (2) Alpine destinations – a save haven in turbulent times? – Exploring travellers’ perceptions of risk and safety 1-alpS-GmbH, Centre for Natural Hazard Management, Austria,  2-Research Centre Jülich, Germany
204 1/3 Andrea Leiter The Sound of Snow ­ Individual Perception of Fatal Avalanche Events alpS GmbH - Center for Natural Hazard Management and Institute of Public Finance, University of Innsbruck, Austria
205 1/3 Athanasios Krystallis (1), Lynn Frewer (2), Gene Rowe (3), Julie Houghton (3), Olga Kehagia (1), Toula Perrea (1) A Perceptual Divide? Consumer and Expert Attitudes to Food Risk Management in Europe 1-Agricultural University of Athens, Greece, 2-Department of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, University of Wageningen, the Netherlands, 3-Institute of Food Research, Norwich, UK

Session: 2/3, Monday, 11.9.2006, 14:30 - 16:30, Room: White 1, Chair: Margot Kuttschreuter

206 2/3 Michelle Potts Stigmatisation within the Northern Ireland Food Supply Chain and the Management of Communication Queens University Belfast, Ireland
207 2/3 Ellen van Kleef (1), Julie Houghton (2), Gene Rowe (2), Lynn Frewer (1) Consumer confidence in food risk management in Europe: Results from a multi-phase study 1- Wageningen University, Netherlands, 2-Institute of Food Research, Norwich, UK
208 2/3 Gillian Hawkes, Julie Houghton and Gene Rowe Scoping the risk perception universe: Structured analysis and preliminary findings Institute of Food Research, Norwich, UK
209 2/3 Renske R. Pin and Jan M. Gutteling  The development of Public Risk Perception Research in the Genomics field, An empirical analysis of the Literature in the Field  University of Twenete, The Netherlands

Session: 3/3, Tuesday, 12.9.2006, 10:45 - 13:00, Room: White 1, Chair: Monika Peterlin

210 3/3 Margot Kuttschreuter, Pin, R.R., Gutteling, J.M. Trust as a determinant of the attitude to medical and food related gene-technology University of Twente, The Netherlands
211 3/3 Lennart Sjöberg Precautionary attitudes and the acceptance of a local nuclear waste repository Center for Risk Research, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
212 3/3 Gabe Mythen Communicating the Terrorist Threat: The Impacts of Government Advice on Public Understandings of Risk Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
213 3/3 Ric van Poll, A Havelaar, J Kemmeren and J Köhler Perception of food safety: microbial food infestation National Institute for Public health and the Environment (RIVM), The Netherlands


Contributors to "Risk Communication"

Session: 1/3, Monday, 11.9.2006, 11:00 - 13:00, Room: White 2, Chair: Catherine Gamper

# Session Name Title of contribution Institution, country
301 1/3 Björn Rohde-Liebenau  The Promotion of Intra-Organisational Risk Communication - A Core Feature of Sustainable Management RCC Risk Communication Concepts, Germany
302 1/3 Christian Kirchsteiger, Dan Serbanescu (cancelled) Specific aspects of building risk expert networks  JRC Institute of energy, Netherlands
303 1/3 Jutta Koehler, R van Poll Risk information gap: Information supply and information demand of different parties concerned National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), The Netherlands
304 1/3 Anne M. Dijkstra, Jan M. Gutteling, and Erwin R. Seydel Trust in genomics research. The roles of experts and publics analyzed University of Twente, Netherlands
305 1/3 Ellen ter Huurne Risks from hazardous industrial substances: What motivates people to seek information? A pilot study in the Netherlands University of Twente, NL

Session: 2/3, Monday, 11.9.2006, 14:30 - 16:30, Room: White 2, Chair: Andrea Leiter

306 2/3 Horst Rakel (1), Mark Hailwood (2), Christiane Kühl (3) Risk Communication for Major Accident Hazards in Germany - Developing a way forward 1- Motorola GmbH, Flensburg, 2-LUBW Landesanstalt für Umwelt Messungen und Naturschutz Baden-Württemberg, Karlsruhe, 3-BAM - Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und  -prüfung, Berlin, Germany
307 2/3 MAZRI Chabane (1), Bruno DEBRAY (1), Myriam MERAD (1), Alexis TSOUKIAS (2) Major Technological Risk Communication Policy: A participative process in the French context 1-INERIS, 2-LAMSADE, DAUPHINE University, France
308 2/3 Jun Sekizawa (1), Nobuko Ueno (2), Hiroko Otsubo (3), Shoji Tsuchida (4) A Comparative Study on Risk Perception/Communication in Food Safety between Japan and Western Countries 1-Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences, University of Tokushima, 2-Institute for the Future Technology, 3-Institute for Media and Communication Research, Keio University, 4-Faculty of Sociology, Kansai University, Japan
309 2/3 Mette Marie Roslyng (cancelled) Depressing Side-effects: Risk Communication and the SSRI anti-depressants King's College London, UK
310 2/3 Michael Dolan Broadening the risk discussion with political engagement: a series of debates on communicating with the media and the public on controversial risk issues Mobile Operators Association, London, UK

Session: 3/3, Tuesday, 12.9.2006, 10:45 - 13:00, Room: White 2, Chair: Nives Ogrinc

311 3/3 Jorge Olcina Cantos  Social communication of natural risk in Spain: proposals and realities University of Alicante, Spain 
312 3/3 Mojca Drevenšek The importance of trust in environmental risk communication PR’P Communications Consultancy, Ljubljana, Slovenia 
313 3/3 Laure Cabantous, Alan Pearman Climate change information in search of decision-makers: Why do managers (not) consider climate change in their long-term projects? Centre for Decision Research, Leeds University Business School, UK
314 3/3 Mark Chong Crisis communication through the years: A preliminary analysis of articles in the Business Source Premier database (1981-2005) Management University, Singapore


Contributors to "Natural hazards and associated risks"

Session: 1/1, Tuesday, 12.9.2006, 10:45 - 13:00, Room: White 3, Chair: Olivier Salvi

# Session Name Title of contribution Institution, country
401 1/1 Andrea Leiter (1), Magdalena Thöni (2) Young, healthy and safe – Does risk reduction matter? 1-alpS GmbH - Center for Natural Hazard Management, 2-Institute of Public Finance, University of Innsbruck, Austria
402 1/1 Martin Mullins, Liam O'Meara  (cancelled) Flood Risk Management in Ireland:  Public Policy and Industry Reaction University of Limerick, Ireland
403 1/1 Pico Laurence (cancelled) Utility of a seismic loss estimation model for a well-planned emergency response intervention: Beirut Case Study Université Paris Sorbonne Paris IV, France
404 1/1 Paul Raschky The Effects of Natural Hazards on Regional Economic Growth – Given by Nature or a Result of Institutional Design? alpS Centre for Natural Hazard Management, Innsbruck, Austria
405 1/1 Scira Menoni Natural risk prevention in spatial and urban planning. The Armonia project funded by the EU Commission Politecnico di Milano, Italy


Contributors to "Public health"

Session: 1/2, Monday, 11.9.2006, 11:00 - 13:00, Room: White 3, Chair: Branko Kontiæ

# Session Name Title of contribution Institution, country
501 1/2 Alberto ALEMANNO The Shaping of the Precautionary Principle by Community Courts - From Scientific Uncertanty to Legal Certainty European Court of Justice, Luxembourg
502 1/2 Jørgensen, Stig H Road traffic injury risk in a regional public health perspective Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
503 1/2 ANDERSEN, Henning Boje Legislation and the establishment of an open and learning culture in health care Risoe National Laboratory, Denmark

Session: 2/2, Monday, 11.9.2006, 14:30 - 16:30, Room: White 3, Chair: Alberto Alemano

504 2/2 POURREAU Aurélie (1), PIATYSZEK Eric (1), BERTHELOT Philippe (2), LONDICHE Henry (1) Analysis and management of medical and organizational risks related to venous central catheterization in intensive care units 1-1 Centre SITE, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines, 2-CHU Saint Etienne, France
505 2/2 František BOZEK,Milan CASLAVSKY, Josef NAVRATIL, Jiri DVORAK Contaminated Ground Water and Human Health Risk Assessment University of Defence Brno, Czech Republic
506 2/2 Norma Windrum Risk-Benefit Trade Offs by the Northern Ireland Food Consumer in Terms of Achieving a Healthy Balanced Diet Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland


Contributors to "Social contexts and responses to risk"

Session: 1/2, Tuesday, 12.9.2006, 14:00 - 16:00, Room: White 1, Chair: Henning Boje Andersen

# Session Name Title of contribution Institution, country
601 1/2 Laure Cabantous Reconstructing the ‘performativity’ of risk-management in the late modernity Centre for Decision Research, Leeds University Business School, UK
602 1/2 Gabriela Pfeifle, Lionel Perrette, Myriam Merad, Samira Chelhaoui Hydrogen Energy Technologies in Society: A Study of the Technological Experts' View INERIS, France
604 1/2 Zamira Gurabardhi (1); Jan M. Gutteling (1); Huib de Vriend (2) General vs. Specific Food products: Is there a difference in public attitudes? 1-University of Twente, 2-LIS Consult , The Netherlands

Session: 2/2, Tuesday, 12.9.2006, 16:30 - 18:30, Room: White 1, Chair: Milan Holicky

605 2/2 Sveinung Eiksund Individual and contextual factors contributing to geographical variations in risk-behaviour among young adults in Norway Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU), Norway
606 2/2 Milan Holicky  Optimization of societal risks in tunnels Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
607 2/2 Monika Gruber, Matthias Bank Alternative risk transfer mechanisms against the background of the Austrian legal framework – a suggestion for improvement (PDF) Leopold Franzens Universitaet Innsbruck, Austria
608 2/2 Sara ARIANO Wetlands, territory and risks: a geographical approach to risk analysis in the Po Delta (Italy) Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy, Université Paris Sorbonne (Paris IV), France


Contributors to "Uncertainty and Trust"

Session: 1/1, Tuesday, 12.9.2006, 14:00 - 16:00, Room: White 2, Chair: Christopher Frey

# Session Name Title of contribution Institution, country
702 1/1 DAVID Jean Francoise Soil Pollution and judicial trials - Search for evidence under French law : methods, traps to avoid, success factors (PDF) Compagnie Nationale des Experts Judiciaires en Environnement, France
703 1/1 O'Connor Jenny (cancelled) Perceptions of trust in the pharmaceutical industry:  Communicating ‘partnership’ to Primary Care Trust executives in the UK King's Centre for Risk Management, International Policy Institute, King's College London, UK


Contributors to "Spatial Planning"

Session: 1/1, Tuesday, 12.9.2006, 16:30 - 18:30, Room: White 2, Chair: Maria Stangl

# Session Name Title of contribution Institution, country
801 1/1 Marcella Bertacchi (1), Scira Menoni (2) Criticalities of the Italian legislation regarding the Seveso Directive 1-Ammnistrazione Provinciale di Como, 2-Politecnico di Milano, Italy
802 1/1 Stangl Maria Luise Land Use Planning in the context of Seveso II establishments in Austria Styrian Regional Government, Unit 13A Environment and Industry Permits, Austria
803 1/1 Ian lines, David Deaves, Bert Commandeur Land-use planning in areas where there are installations with Hazardous chemicals - Experience from the UK Atkins, UK

Presentation for workshop is available here, additional file is available here.


Contributors to "Risk reduction culture"

Session: 1/1, Tuesday, 12.9.2006, 14:00 - 16:00, Room: White 3, Chair: Schira Menoni

# Session Name Title of contribution Institution, country
901 1/1 Gamper Cathérine Désirée Can Public Participation help at all to reduce Natural Hazard Risks? alpS Centre for Natural Hazard Management, Insbruck, Austria
902 1/1 David Jean Francois Knowledge Management : information sharing in risk culture creation, pitfalls to avoid, results to expect, a matter of change management (PDF) Compagnie Nationale des Experts Judiciaires en Environnement, France
903 1/1 Frederic Bouder The regulation of impurities in pharmaceutical products: a policy review King's College London, King's Centre for Risk Management, UK
904 1/1 Frank Huess Hedlund (1), Henning B. Andersen (2) Institutional Support to Learning from Reported Accidents: Some Obstacles to Getting a Useful Community-wide Database in the EU (paper) 1-COWI A/S and Technical University of Denmark, 2-Risø National Laboratory, Denmark
905   (moved to 503)    
906 1/1 Jacopo Torriti (cancelled) How much risk analysis in EU Impact Assessments? Two case studies: pesticides and unfair commercial practices King’s Centre for Risk Management, London, UK


Workshop on EU Related Projects & Policies

Tuesday, 12.9.2006, 16:30 - 18:30, Chairs: Dr. Olivier Salvi and Dr. Juergen Wettig


Round Table Discussion: Industrial Risks and Safety

Wednesday, 13.9.2006, 9:30 - 12:30, Room: Glass, Chairs: dr. Richard Gowland, dr.  Michalis Christou

Initial presentation by chairs is available here. Report on round table discussion will be available here (later on).


Poster session - contributors

Session: 1/1, Monday, 11.9.2006, 17:00 - 18:00, Room: Reception hall

# Name Title of contribution Institution, country
1001 DETSYK Ala (1), BAUMONT Geneviève (2) Towards new post-accidental management organization: some methodological proposals 1- King’s Center for Risks Management, King’s College London, UK, 2-Institut de radioprotection et de sûreté nucléaire (IRSN), France
1002 Elena Sturchio Toxicity and DNA damage in Vicia faba plants growing on soil polluted with benzene ISPESL/DIPIA, Italy
1003 Koji NAKAU, Masami FUKUDA, Keiji KIMURA, Keiji KUSHIDA, Hiroshi HAYASAKA An approach to the risk evaluation system of boreal forest fire Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University, Japan
1004 Jure Krivic Risk of groundwater pollution from a road network in the recharge area of a public-supply well Geological Survey of Slovenia, Slovenia
1005 Lund, I. O., Nordfjærn, T., Rundmo, T. Cross cultural comparisons of traffic safety attitudes and behavior Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
1006 Martina Petkov, Richard Shepherd (cancelled) How will personality affect the risks you take? – A closer look into food risks and consumer behaviour  
1007 Aliaksandr Stepanovich Sudas Modelling of radiation risk in conditions of low doses The Brest Branch of Research Institute of Radiology, Republic of Belarus
1008 Aliaksandr Anatolievich Zaitsau Belarussian experience of decrease of radiation risk of the population living in conditions of long-term radiation contamination after accident on Chernobyl NPP The Brest Branch of Research Institute of Radiology, Republic of Belarus
1009 Zhukovskaya Ludmila (1), Detsyk Alla (2) An organisational change to a better answer of pregnant women demands in a contaminated territory of Belarus 1-The Brest Branch of Research Institute of Radiology, Republic of Belarus, 2-IRSN, Institut de Radioprotection et de Sureté Nucléaire, France
1010 Kontiæ Davor Implications of acciental risk assessment scenario to land-use planning  Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
1011 Isabel Estrela Rego, Sandra Brás Duarte Risk/Security perception on civil aviation (paper as PDF) Universidade dos Açores, Rua da Mãe de Deus, 9500 Ponta Delgada, Portugal



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